Indoor Activity? Time To get Creative

It’s getting colder outside. The time will fall back soon and it will be getting darker earlier. Can you already hear your kids bickering? Or the sound of the tv droning on all day & night in the background. In the summer it was all about those water activities. But it’s winter time now, and the safe haven you called home is now a hot box you can’t seem to escape.

Art is always my go to activity! Their is an endless list of ideas on pinterst. Check out my arts and crafts board here.

Our quickest go-to is drawing/coloring. “But we’re tired of the same old thing!” You and your kids have stacks of coloring books on the shelves right?

Have you thought about coloring your clothes?

“Express Yourself On A Shirt” Box Packaged with Fabric Markers

Fabric Markers can color on any shirt, skirt, canvas bag etc. Pretty much any surface made of cotton. This way your little artist can show off their individuality and creativity.

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