5 Reasons To Have More Kids

Siblings are underrated blessings. Yes they fight like cats and dogs but the love is beautiful. Two and a half years apart my daughter and my son have such an interesting relationship. Its one I can’t understand because I grew up 25 years apart and 3 hrs away from my half brother.

But here are 5 beautiful things I observed about my two. They would never actually say “I love you” to the other for no reason. But they show it everyday.

  • 1.They are together by choice more often than apart. Talking, eating, playing some game. She’s taken on his fortnight (creative) He’ll watch her shows and movies
  • 2. They make me think of an old married couple the way they argue. They actually bicker over minute details and never let you forget what you said.
  • 3. The way the poke at one another out of boredom. Why is ruffling feathers so entertaining?  
  • 4. The constant hypocrisy between them. It’s quite alright, until my brother/sister does it.  
  • 5. How well they know one another.  

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